Obair Bhaile 7/3

Gaeilge: 3 litriú & obair scríofa

B.G: lch. 49 1-8

Béarla: 3 spellings & written work

E in P: Day 85 & 86

Mata:  M.M Triail 68

O/B sa chóip.

*Paidreacha don Chóineartú.

*Bailigh eolas faoi d’ainm Cóinéartaithe

Poem of the Week: The Perfect Cup of Cocoa

The perfct cup of cocoa,

Is rich and chocolatey,

And always warm, but not too hot-

A steaming chocolate tea.


The surface is enclosed beneath,

A thick marshmallow mound,

Which melts into a gooey cloud,

Without the slightest sound.


A whipped cream swirl extends beyond

The surface of the cup,

And chocolate sprinkles add

The perfect touch to dress it up.


The perfect cup of cocoa

Is like an old best friend-

It’s warm; it’s sweet; it’s such a trear

And yummy until the end.

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